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Advanced analytics are becoming more popular, since they enable organizations to uncover insights that were not visible using soiled data and conventional query and reporting tools. Their promise, however, can’t be realized until organizations have an effective strategy towards data, This is where giis comes in.

Use this as a preposition values

"What if you could get answers instantaneously—in minutes, based on past events and projected events and not by a gut feeling?  That would be a tremendous advantage. Executives, managers, and all employees would be able to pinpoint opportunities faster, negotiate smarter, and engage customers better

With our analytics solutions include:

Data governance
We formulate policies to optimize, secure, and leverage information as an enterprise asset by aligning the objectives of multiple functions. Our data governance programs are traditionally been focused on people and process.

Business Intelligence Solutions
Enterprise Data warehouse implementation
We enable organizations to  rely on EDW platforms to deliver actionable, timely, and trustworthy intelligence, with our EDW implementation analytical data from various functional domains will be organized and aggregated to serve as a critical repository for your organizations' operations

Predictive Analytics

Don't get left behind, predictive analytics is the most significant technology today, to enact forward thinking in order to achieve a competitive gain, our experts  help organizations' units apply predictive analytical models to areas critical to revenue and profitability like customer, marketing, product, financial and sales information for forward thinking

            Customer, Risk, Operations Analytics

Real Time Streaming Analytics (RTAP)

As the speed of business increases and more information becomes available in real time, applications that can produce actionable insights are becoming the new imperative for organizations to keep pace, these have become a must have, We offer expertise to companies seeking to roll out applications that they intend to ran on Real Time Analytics Platform (RTAP)

 Data Integration

When enterprise information flows quickly to different consumers within an organization, the business ecosystem thrives. With our expertise, we implement data integration tools that create conduits for information to flow easily between systems and data sources.

Working with us, you will find

  • Flexibility
  • Full service
  • Cross-disciplinary
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Sustainable

Applications offered to our Customers

Facilitate the risk evaluation and support the decision processes of our customers

we enable our customers to create new insights and valuations through the comprehensive and in-depth analysis of their data
We offer solutions for simplified monitoring, reporting and analysis of our customers' business

We offer our customers meaningful answers to questions about their clients, products and processes

We identify trends and construct forecasts

We synthesize the data of a business or market with their context and the knowledge and experience of our customers

We are structured to use our core competences in virtually any context to answer your questions

  • Business Intelligence Competences
    • Risk Management
    • Forecasting
    • Sales and Transaction Analysis
    • Performance Management
    • Pricing
    • Fraud Detection
    • Marketing Analysis
    • Customer Profiling
  • Analytical and Technical Competences
    • Data warehouse Implementation
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Data Analytics



GIIS is a global IT Services provider and a trusted partner to Small and Medium sized enterprises as well as large Organizations in their IT-as-a-Service journey. Incorporated in 2016 GIIS has a wide range of IT specialists.


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