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Managed Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is redefining the IT world in every possible way. Companies are moving towards delivering “IT as a service” concept and cloud is the new delivery model. It might be a private cloud accessible only within the enterprise, the public cloud provided by an external vendor or a hybrid enterprise cloud that is a mix of both. It is making enterprises relook their infrastructure planning, refresh cycles, investments and IT Infrastructure Management delivery mechanism in a completely different and business driven way.

IT managers are embracing the cloud in a big way. However, to extract the full benefits of the cloud, IT managers need expert guidance to navigate through the intricate and complex steps on their journey from the traditional IT to an On-demand world.

GIIS will provide you with the following services as part of the Public Cloud Computing

  • Supporting migration to cloud
  • Supporting day to day end point of the applications running from the cloud
  • Managing the endpoint application integrations

With the evolution of Windows Hyper-V & VMWare virtualization, a number of companies buying these products in order implement their own private clouds. With our expertise, we can give a helping hand when it comes to:

  • Deploying a Virtualised environment using VMWare or Windows Hyper-V
  • Migrating servers from physical hardware to VMs
  • Creating and deploying Virtual Machines
  • Managing the physical host




GIIS is a global IT Services provider and a trusted partner to Small and Medium sized enterprises as well as large Organizations in their IT-as-a-Service journey. Incorporated in 2016 GIIS has a wide range of IT specialists.


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