Managed Backup Services

Managing enterprise backup has become increasingly compounded due to a multitude of reasons; Shrinking backup window and strict SLA adherence in global environment, risks due to backup failures, growing compliance requirement, explosion in data growth and cost constraints mean that organizations face complex challenges in backup management services. Enterprises need a robust backup management service that enables reduction in risk exposure and adheres to stringent service levels while being a cost effective solution.

GIIS’ Managed Backup Services include:-

  • Optimized Backup Solutions design - Rollout solutions that meet the SLAs while lowering Total cost of Ownership
  • Monitoring & Routine Tasks - 24x7x365 remote backup management operations and monitoring

    Trouble Shooting and Permanent Remediation - ITIL based continual improvement
  • Change Management - Ensure change management process is followed for any addition, change or sunset of a backup Policy
  • Administration Planning - Maintain standardized document and SOPs

The GIIS Advantages in this area includes: -

  • Proactive Backup Management - Proactive focus on ensuring backup timeliness and completion
  • Automation - Proprietary tools to improve backup management efficiency and
    Real-time reporting
  • Process Excellence:-
    • ITIL framework for continual improvement
    • Proven remote backup management process and methodologies
  • Flexible Service Windows - Multiple options like 24X7, 8X5 remote backup management services, After-Hours support etc.



GIIS is a global IT Services provider and a trusted partner to Small and Medium sized enterprises as well as large Organizations in their IT-as-a-Service journey. Incorporated in 2016 GIIS has a wide range of IT specialists.


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