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Enabling enterprises’ transformation journey through our comprehensive services portfolio & expertise.

In today’s digital world, when enterprises increasingly need agility, innovation and transparency to make their businesses competitive and ensure high end user experience, they need IT to drive the transformation. The transformation is expected not only in the existing day-to-day operations but also in transforming the business model. This requires new thinking and the IT has to take on a new avatar. IT is now expected to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) with clearly defined service catalogue, service guarantee & functionality at a specific cost point that is feasible. IT needs to understand sourcing, portfolio management, cost accounting, performance & capacity management along with day-to-day operations.

In order to embark on this services-led journey, IT needs to build & manage the new ecosystem right from service strategy to service integration and finally to service consumption. The transformation begins right from converting business requirements into an effective service catalogue, defining the new service architecture, deciding on build v/s buy to selecting the right partners for sourcing to transformation at consumption side that will impact the end users. IT needs a trusted partner who can help navigate through this journey and understands the basic tenets of infrastructure elements, operations workflows and the right transformation approach.

GIIS service portfolio is designed to help businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness of their traditional IT operations through automation & process improvement. At the same time, it can enable businesses become more agile & innovative through a structured transformational approach towards Hybrid IT and mobile workspace transformation.

GIIS envisages the transformation of different areas to achieve the final goal. The transformation areas are as follows: -

  1. Managed Enterprise Infrastructure
    1. Server Management
    2. Storage Management
    3. Backup Management
    4. Database Management
    5. Enterprise Operating System Applications
  2. Managed Endpoint Device Administration
  3. Managed Network Administration
  4. Managed IT Information Security
    1. Risk Management
    2. Anti-Virus Services
    3. Security Compliances
    4. Patches
  5. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  6. Managed Service desk Support
  7. Managed Cloud Computing
  8. Managed Data Center Services

GIIS has the requisite expertise, experience and technological capabilities supplemented by partnership with leading technology providers to ensure you stay ahead in the game.




GIIS is a global IT Services provider and a trusted partner to Small and Medium sized enterprises as well as large Organizations in their IT-as-a-Service journey. Incorporated in 2016 GIIS has a wide range of IT specialists.


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